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The ZNotes contributors volunteer their time and expertise to ensure that our content is up to date and high-quality in all areas. Together, we've crafted over 100 sets of revision notes, supporting 7 international exam boards.

As we strive for the best fit in our contributor team, we advise you to please review the information provided below!

Why contribute to ZNotes


Strengthen your university applications by gaining experience with an award-winning social impact start-up.


Get recognised on the team page, receive a ZNotes certificate and earn CAS points (IB) for your time and effort.


Develop key note-taking and study skills from the ZNotes team and improve your own academic understanding.


Impact millions with your educational resources and support our mission of ending educational inequality.

Chose your contribution path!

Unlock your unique contribution! We know that everyone learns and teaches differently. What are your skills and resources more suited towards?

πŸ“ Notes and Quiz Contributor


Dive into subject mastery: Immerse yourself in your chosen subject to craft comprehensive, engaging and syllabus-aligned notes and quizzes.


Training: Learn the ZNotes methodology for notes development and training on our content creation platform with the support of our Content team.


Refine and Perfect: After each review, you will be refining your notes, ensuring they align seamlessly with the syllabus requirements and the distinctive ZNotes style that sets us apart.

πŸ“Ή Video Content Contributor


Syllabus Navigator: Strategically plan and execute a timeline to cover essential content, whether it's mastering specific syllabus topics or tackling past paper questions effectively.


Team Collaboration: Communicate with the team regularly on your preferred posting schedule and provide updates.


Creative Content Producer: Craft compelling resources, from dynamic presentations to captivating videos, ensuring they align with the syllabus and the ZNotes style.

What are we looking for

To submit a stellar application, we're excited to see...


Your Subject Mastery: Showcase your strong conceptual knowledge of the subject you’d liketo contribute through your exam results or predicted grades.


Teaching Talent: Share your ability to demystify complex concepts, whether through previous teaching experiences and/or sample notes.


Dedication to Impact: Demonstrate your hard working spirit and alignment with our social mission to ensure the resources are ready on time.

Which subjects would you like to help with?

βž• Add a new subject
πŸ“• Update an existing subject
πŸ“Ή Host a video series

Kickstart and help us expand our resource base by contributing to the following subjects that we are prioritising. Feel free to suggest other subjects or exam boards in your applications that we may not be currently supporting.

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1. Submit your application

Excited to join us in our mission to end educational inequality and want to be a part of creating educational content? We'd love to hear from you! Send in your application with the form below (and remember to highlight your achievements and past experiences that will be helpful in this role!).

2. Send a sample

If your application gets the green light, we'll invite you to submit a sample of your notes for the subject/s you're passionate about contributing to. Simply select a topic from the syllabus and make sure your notes cover all the key objectives.

3. Let’s chat!

Next, we'll schedule a short interview with you, hosted on Google Meet, at a time that works for both of us. No need to stress – it's just a friendly conversation to get to know you better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does ZNotes need contributors?

What sets ZNotes content apart is the fact that is created by the best students in the world pitched at exactly the right level of detail and language. This makes sure our notes are always relatable. by empowering youth, we can expand and continue to grow our library for more subjects and exams!

What sort of timeline and commitment will be expected?

Our contribution timeline typically spans around 4 to 6 weeks where you will be dedicating approx 5 hours per week. During this time, you will work closely with our team to write the notes/questions to the ZNotes platform and address any feedback from the reviewers before publishing it!

Is this a paid opportunity?

At ZNotes, we believe in the right to education for all. Our model focuses on providing free, accessible educational resources to everyone and all contributors volunteer their efforts to maintain free resources. While we can't offer financial compensation, the skills and experiences you develop are valuable assets to your future prospects!

I applied but did not hear back. Where’s my response?

We are sorry to hear that you haven't received a response yet. Our review process may take some time due to the high volume of applications. Please check your spam folder, and if you haven't heard back within two weeks, kindly contact us at

Our contributors said....

Rewarding, indeed! I got the opportunity to get involved with a beautiful community of the most considerate, and creative people I’ve ever met. As ZNotes grew, so did I, instilling a strong work ethic that I continue to uphold.

Shalini R.

(IG Checkpoint Bio Contributor)

β€œContributing towards note-making has not only allowed me to solidify my own understanding of various subjects but has also given me the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the learning journeys of countless students.”

Rania S.

(IG Islamiyat Contributor)

β€œ[This] was a brand new experience that really allowed me to see and feel the impact of my notes and of my work, strengthening me belief that everyone can make an impact in the world.”

Zihan G.

(AS Physics Contributor)

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