Boost ZNotes πŸ”₯

Lead the change as a ZNotes ambassador!

The ZNotes School Ambassadors are catalysts for change within their local communities, fostering leadership development and inspiring others.

You will be involved in


Running workshops and assemblies for your peers on improving study skills and habits with support from the ZNotes team.


Raising awareness of our work, motivating students and promoting opportunities for ambitious students to contribute or intern with us.


Gathering insights and feedback from engaged ZNotes users at your school.


Encouraging teachers to review the educational content published on the ZNotes platform.


This is a flexible role lasting for a full academic year. You will be working alongside the ZNotes Ambassador Leads to pitch to your school, run events and get your peers involved!


As recognition for your time and effort, you unlock a lifetime of ZNotes Boost perks!

Why become a ZNotes Ambassador?


Strengthen your university applications by gaining experience with an award-winning social impact start-up.


Get recognised on the team page, receive a ZNotes certificate and earn CAS points (IB) for your time and effort.


Develop key leadership and public speaking skills from the ZNotes team.


A direct impact in helping, inspiring, and encouraging more people to volunteer, and in turn, support our mission of ending educational inequality.


As recognition for your time and effort, you unlock a lifetime of ZNotes Boost perks!

Does the ambassador role sound like a good fit?

As we get a large volume of intern applications, kindly note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted directly.


TIP: Send along links that best showcase the relevant things you've built and done.


If you have any questions or would like to hear about other opportunities, get in touch with us at


To ensure that candidates select the most relevant roles for their skills, we have set up limits to the number of times candidates can apply:

Candidates may not apply more than 3 times in a 60 day span across all internships.

Candidates may not re-apply to the same role within 6 months if not presented with an offer.

What do ZNotes Ambassadors get up to?

We need your support in achieving our mission. Join individually or represent your organisation, here are some ways you can get involved.

Leading Workshops


Our workshops cover essential topics such as building study habits, crafting your personal statement and perfecting your CV.

Social Media Takeovers


Take the reins of our social media, whether it's an interesting school day or witnessing a coronary artery bypass surgery (yes, it happened).

Publishing on the ZNotes Blog


Unleash your creativity by crafting an article for the ZNotes blog! Dive into a topic that you’re interested in and give advice to others.

Schools in the ZNotes Network

Led by student ambassadors, ZNotes Partner Schools foster a shared set of values around learner agency and equity in education agreed with a signed memorandum of understanding (MoU) between ZNotes and the school's leadership.

Become a ZNotes ambassador.