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ZNotes Foundation is dedicated to advancing the inclusive and equitable provision of quality ‎education for all. This is embedded into our Articles of Association along with our other ‎commitments—

  • ‎to provide free-of-charge access to content which has been originated or contributed to the ‎Foundation on a voluntary basis without any remuneration, for as long as the Foundation can ‎sustain the costs of its delivery; and‎
  • to make discretionary awards to support disadvantaged students, the allowance of which shall be ‎determined by the Board and the previous.‎

Definitions and interpretation

In this Contributor Consent, the following definitions are used:‎


Collectively all submissions that you submit ZNotes Foundation via the ‎Website, including but not limited to notes, articles, journal entries or ‎other appropriate material either in writing, audio, visual or other ‎compatible media format that may be compatible for hosting on the ‎Website;‎


Collection of publicly accessible, interlinked web pages, that share the domain

By agreeing to contribute to the Website:‎

  1. ‎You assign to ZNotes Foundation the copyright and all other rights in your Contribution for ‎use in all media now known or invented in the future throughout the world without limit in ‎‎
  2. You grant to ZNotes Foundation the unlimited right to edit, copy, add to take from, modify, adapt ‎or translate your Contribution. To the extent permitted by law, you waive the benefits of and ‎agree not to assert, and waive and release ZNotes Foundation from any and all claims that you ‎may now or hereafter have in any jurisdiction based on any provision of law, and you agree ‎not to instigate, support, maintain, or authorise any action, claim, or lawsuit against ZNotes ‎Foundation or any other person in connection with your Contribution, on the grounds that any ‎use of your Contribution or any derivative works thereof, infringes or violates any of your ‎‎
  3. You warrant and confirm that: (i) you are at least 13 years of age, (ii) you have the right to enter into ‎this Agreement, and/or have the consent of a parent or other appropriate adult and grant the rights ‎referred to in it free from any encumbrances and third party rights, (iii) your Contribution is original to ‎you; and (iv) nothing in your Contribution infringes or will infringe the copyright or any other rights ‎‎(including any rights of confidentiality) of any person or is or will be defamatory or derogatory of any ‎ You agree to indemnify and to keep ZNotes Foundation fully indemnified against all claims ‎and liabilities whatsoever in consequence of any breach by you.‎
  4. Your Contribution, once verified and if accepted, will be appropriately attributed to you as the originator and contributor on the Website, should you wish. If you do not consent to this attribution or wish to remain anonymous, please inform us by email at
  5. You acknowledge that ZNotes Foundation, and its licensees and assignees, shall have the right to use your name and photograph on the Website for all purposes of advertising, promotion, publicity, broadcast, exhibition, distribution and communication to the public of your Contribution whether in whole or in part in any and all media now known or devised in future in perpetuity.
  6. You acknowledge that you shall not in any circumstances be entitled to injunctive or other equitable relief or to enjoin or restrain the promotion or distribution of your Contribution.

By proceeding, your consent is hereby considered to be given, and accepted. If you do not consent to these conditions, please do not proceed and contact us by email at to discuss your Contribution.